How to yank it all the way to the top

You will also notice a badge system on our app, this is the next generation of permissionless verifications that are much harder to exploit for scammers while being easier to avoid for victims. The badge system also doubles as a loyalty system where higher ranks unlock lower fees, enhanced app features, early bird access and more revenue share. They also offer endless benefit potential to verified users, as everyone starts as a little butt plug and the more $BJ they hold, the higher they rank, thus the more enhanced features they gain. Earn or buy $BJ directly in app to use or hoard. The more you have, the higher your ranking badge. The higher your badge, the better features and enhancents you unlock such as trending superpowers to get on the timeline or revenue share. Ranking Badges 1) Big Black Demon Dildo 2) Double Sided Diamond Dildo 3) Golden Boobs 4) Magic Wand 5) Silver Bullet 6) Fuzzy Cuffs 7) G String 8) Anal Beads 9) Cock Ring 10) Ball Gag 11) Mutant Tentacle 12) Pearl Necklace 13) Butt Plug Badges are interchangeable once unlocked and are always owned by users. Holding requirements per ranking change depending on weekly average price however once you unlock a badge, it's yours forever to use at your own will. As the network grows, it will naturally become harder to unlock top medals, so collect them all before the world snaps them up! You'll also notice the leaderboards on the home page that track

  • $BJ Holdings

  • Followers

  • Earnings

  • Views

  • Likes

  • Tips

These can be filtered to track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly so you never miss a beat!

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