Why do these wankers actually need a token?

Every user owned and decentralised app requires a token for true network ownership & governance. You can't rely on the native chain token as each protocol has its own incentives, user base and direction. Every digital business and arguably brick & mortar ones alike will need a token one day, to reward, engage or monetise their consumer base as we hurtle into the new digital frontier.

Utility of $BJ includes but is not limited to;

  • In app currency for tipping or purchasing content, usernames, profiles & products.

  • Unlock enhanced app features, verification badges & climb up leaderboards.

  • Vote in fair BJIPs, BJ Improvement Proposals, to enhance the BJ network.

  • Rewards from wank2bank uploads and other unique campaigns.

  • Access instant, direct and 24/7 customer support.

  • Access orgies, gang-bangs & exclusive clubs.

  • Moderate content and earn from bounties.

  • Free airdrops & mints of the BJ Network.

  • Access to the Jerky Island & beyond.

  • Revenue share for stakeholders.

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