📱The Core D'App

Overview of the main features

As a d'app specific layer 2, our core protocol allows for both user and creator generated content while allowing any other d'apps to build on top of us, permissionlessly. We're combining free tube streaming, paid fan subscriptions as well as detailed industry analytics and tracking tools all in one app, powered by blockchain and AI.

We are sustained by a decentralised physical infrastructure of shared computing power to host, transcode and deliver our content, ensuring censorship resistance.

We believe there's a regulatory overstep in today's adult industry and KYC has be unlawfully enforced across this mature entertainment sector. Currently it's only effecting creators however soon, it's likely to be users too. There has never been a law in the UK requiring adult content creators to KYC yet under pressure from banking providers, the entire industry enforces dystopian identification processes to permit users to upload or create adult content. As BJ is on-chain and requires no banks to operate, we are pioneering a new generation of adult apps that allow users to fantasise or explore their intimate endeavours privately.

Unique Selling Points We've invented a sustainable wank-to-earn mechanism (Wank2Bank) that rewards viewers for engagement while allowing high quality creators to build audiences faster and easier. This first of its kind feature is set to change the landscape of adult entertainment.

Users also earn shares of ad revenue from watching free uploads, in the form of BJUSD tokens they can spend in app for exclusive and paid services.

Another invention we're empowering our users with is on-chain ranking badge verifications. The more tokens you stake, the higher your rank and the more you earn from ad revenue share while the lower your fees go! The legacy paid tick systems do nothing to curb fraud of any kind and our way offers more avenues to benefit users as well as advertisers who can target promotions based on a wallet's financial data. We're also the first to pioneer decentralised moderation in this sector, which allows the app to run forever without a centralised team moderating content while ensuring faster response with action against illicit content such as children, none consential or trafficked victims.

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