Image Generator

The BJ Bot

🤖 Load the bot using this link and start by typing the command /start Here you will see 3 choices, the top one allows you to generate a wallet, the second one links you to buy $BJ and the final one opens the bot.

After clicking bot, you are greeted with the following options

1) Generate Image

2) Generate Video

3) X-Ray

4) Face Swap

5) Buy $BJ

6) Back to main menu

After clicking generate image, you can either add a reference image or input prompt text direct and your generation should be done in seconds!

Prompt Guide

In the BJ Bot, for photo-like quality generation, use the following text prompt "Generate a stunningly beautiful (describe features) man/woman (describe action). hyperrealistic, full body, detailed clothing, highly detailed, cinematic lighting, stunningly beautiful, intricate, sharp focus, f/1. 8, 85mm, (describe image position), (professionally colour graded), ((bright soft diffused light)), volumetric fog, HDR, 8K resolution" Feel free to adjust and manage as you please.

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