The BJ ecosystem

Blocjerk is a user owned protocol forked from DeHub, by a collection of the biggest holders and community members. It's operated by: Mike Hales, founder of First Class, the UKs largest TikTok partner agency with millions in turnover and close to 1000 streamers signed on exclusively, including some of the largest accounts as well as a number of highest earning OnlyFans performers. Indi Jay Cammish - Founder of First Class, alongside Mike, co-founder of DeHub and renowned professional dancer for A list stars and even Royalty while starring in Channel 4's "The Masked Dancer". Crypto Colombus - Original founder of Cum Rocket who parted after the CEO he hired took control of the company, funds & assets. Bailey Young, Highly experienced business professional with a strong commercial background and leading roles at multi million pound UK businesses, including a 7 figure exit at Flamengo Resourcing. Malik Jan, founder of DeHub which saw an ROI of 1000x and $10m in the LP at peak, after previously being the top billing agent at the UK's largest agency, Blue Arrow, with 65 offices nationwide and 600 staff. Formerly at Randstad, the world's largest agency.

Governance will launch in September 2024 and the ecosystem will sufficiently decentralise. Backers: Homeless Ventures - Investors working closely with the likes of zkSync, ANKR & other leading projects. Brian D Evans - Founder of BDE Ventures, Inc. 500 entrepreneur, Forbes 40 under 40. Jett - President of Hourglass and partner at Apexblock Capital. The Gem Hunters - Blockchain investment community Lead by Pandah & BiT_SHaMaN. Shiney D - Investor & content creator. Dark Gandalf - Investor & content creator. Ferrum's TDI - The Decentralised Incubator.

Advisors: @veH0rny @XMaximist @AlanRogers3 @cuschicooks @knveth

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