It all started when a few wankers got together down the pub for a good old fashioned circle jerk...

We concluded there was a number of fundamental issues holding back the adult streaming markets that blockchain could really solve after all finding common ground in a spark of magic. One said "I wish I could use Only Fans but my work run random standard government security tests including bank statement history and I don't want them to know me and my mrs are into that freaky stuff" Another said "I don't want to ruin future prospects with mortgages or high level jobs because I love porn. What's wrong with a good wank every now and then? I'm lucky enough through crypto to not need to work so why settle for the same old hub everyone uses... I want that exclusive shit that few have seen. Yeah I know, I should just get a traditional wife but good luck finding one at all in a few years" The other said "As much as I love my wife, sometimes I wish I could use those sites just to poke around and see what my old wrinkly dick's missing out on, take me back a few years. We bearly touch these days with her surgery and I know she won't mind, just don't want her to have to see it on our bank statement and feel like she isn't as beautiful as the day we met. I'm just always away on business while getting on a bit now, won't even be able to wank soon" And right there, on that sticky table during that fateful lock in, BJ was born. That is how these ordinary blokes became The Jerks.

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